Corleone: salute to all my true emcees who are showing the board love. We are a growing community and are looking for active members. Be sure to register an account and stay active on the forum. Love, peace, and happiness.. - Cor Feb 8, 2021 0:28:18 GMT
Corleone: Big ups to some net homies of mine from back in the day, and in talking about eons ago, lol. Back in 1993 or so, I was in an online text/audio rap crew called, "E.L.i.T.E".. recently, I've spoken with some old members from those years that will hopefully.. Feb 8, 2021 0:31:37 GMT
Corleone: make they're way to the site.. I've spoken with a homie of mines named, "Dr. SLuess" from back in that day as mentioned.. Show some love to this man.. he's a true icon over the internet from a real place in underground rap via forums and etc.. peace! - Cor Feb 8, 2021 0:35:55 GMT
Corleone: I got some new beats up on the website.. visit : and show some love by either leasing or purchasing any of my beats.. #salute!! Feb 8, 2021 0:42:30 GMT
Corleone: Ayo, visit me on twitter at : Feb 8, 2021 0:49:20 GMT
DJ: i3[wkorpr[rbearrueurilwiu Apr 9, 2021 3:54:07 GMT
DJ: jroa'eprkgmbnngi4[kvgmkgor;fieifpgjvjifekfjjiFIFJCEUCMVKIFOUTJBK<KKXLCHDSDJMnzvkflbotgoglbl,mc, ltiripwldkkvkvkvme3proRUSY&UIOO GBHHYT&U&^UGIRHXOXIDRTRUFHFHFEOSKC< [email protected][pkbotlttlgbjb;b kflf vlrpwbfi5of gglvj ;ddbe;llhwqiiww Apr 9, 2021 3:55:51 GMT
Corleone: Peace to all of my old net chromies. Big ups to G Money aka Rawn MD, Curse, Acid Reflex, Naseous Anxiety aka Human, Dr SLuess, Prominence, Logic, Draztic, Nous Novelty, Pestilence aka Brilliance, MC Scorpion, Sha77er S7ar, M1SLED, Cab Six, and many to name Jun 7, 2021 13:33:28 GMT
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